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Internet Connectivity 
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Web Design And Maintenance

At TransData our goal is to help you or your organization to create a distinctive presence on the Internet. Whether you are looking to expand your clientele base globally, better serve your current clientele or provide information about your product/service, we can help you do it effectively. We can provide turnkey solutions for your organization which include Web Site Development, announcements to the world of your arrival and various locations where your site will receive above average exposure.

Custom Web Page Development
We can design Web pages to fit any need, from a simple home page, to complex, interactive multimedia, documents.

Web Page Hosting
Whether or not we actually develop your home page, we can publish your documents on our server. Click to See Prices

Interactive Brochures and Catalogues
We can develop interactive brochures and catalogues that allow people to subscribe to your products/services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just because you have a site on the web does not mean that it will be heavily frequented. The key to creating traffic to your site, is to have it visible. This means, first of all, placing critical information on the various search engines and robots, and secondly, placing a link or billboard connected to your site in locations which are already heavily visited.

Custom Web Site Development is $95 per hour The text for Web projects is provided by our clients in most cases, however we can research and author the text as needed. Usually we adapt an existing brochure or other company material into dynamic Web pages which utilize the unique interactive capabilities of the Web.

Monthly Charges Hosting
Hosting is basically rent that you pay for your web site to be placed on the Internet. TransData charges $25.00 per month up to 30 meg of information.

Domain Registration
TransData can virtually host your company's site and domain, i.e. www.yourcompany.com on our high speed backbone. The cost of this service depends on the type of domain that you are looking for. For more information or to have your name checked on, please go to the web domain section.

Virtual Mail
When the companies domain has been registered, the e-mail addresses can be changed to reflect the domain name. Sample domain - www.yourcompany.com Sample e-mail - you@yourcompany.com instead of you@mail.transdata.ca Virtual Mail Setup includes one e-mail address with virtual mail. Please e-mail for more information on pricing.

Uploading Privileges
Uploading privileges are offered to clients to make remote changes to their web page without sending information to TransData for changes. Pricing depends on your web site. E-mail us for more info. We also do training if required.

Advertising and Prime Locations
For those who wish to ensure that your site receives maximum exposure, we have created a couple of options to satisfy this need. These include: A Header, consisting of a logo, link and marquee address on our Portfolio.

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