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- How Do I Use FTP?
- How Do I Subscribe to Newsgroups?

How Do I Use FTP?
Our FTP address is ftp://ftp.transdata.ca. Our FTP site is an archive of software and information which may be downloaded for your use. Simply open up file folders until you obtain the file or program you are looking for. Double click on the file and after specifying where you wish the file to be saved, it will be downloaded into your computer

How Do I Subscribe to Newsgroups?
First of all you must configure your newsreader (Netscape, FreeAgent from our FTP site) to go to news.worldlinx.com. Then you must download all the newsgroups. There are over 50,000 so this may take a while. Then you may browse through any groups, find which ones you are interested in, then subscribe. You will now receive any e-mail posted to those newsgroups.

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