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E-mail Issues

- Why Doesn't My E-mail Work?
- "mail" or "sparky" in my e-mail address, which is it?
- How Do I Find Someone's E-mail Address?

Why Doesn't My E-mail Work?
If you are using Eudora, make sure that you have the SMTP server configured as mail.transdata.ca (see manual). Additionally, remember that you must be connected to the Internet before you can send or receive mail. Make sure that when you create a message, your e-mail address is there in its entirety (username@mail.transdata.ca) *Remember your e-mail address and password must all be lowercase!!
If using Outlook Express: User's settings - Ensure that username and password are correct (see connection form). Incoming and outgoing mail servers should be set to'mail.transdata.ca' .
If problem persists, create new e-mail account. In Outlook Express, go to Tools-Accounts. Create new account. Enter e-mail address, username and password. Incoming mail server (POP3) is 'mail.transdata.ca'. Outgoing mail server is 'mail.transdata.ca'

"mail" or "sparky" in my e-mail address, which is it?
Actually either one is fine. "mail" is simply an alias for "sparky". They are interchangeable

How Do I Find Someone's E-mail Address?
The easiest way to to get someone's e-mail address is to give them a call and find out. There are "white pages" of Internet e-mail addresses but they only account for a tiny fraction of the Internet community. If you know where the individual lives, you might do a search to find out what Internet Provider's service that area and drop them all e-mail

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