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- Getting Connected
- No Dial Tone Detected
- System Cannot Connect

Getting Connected
For those upgrading to Windows 95, you can use the software that comes with your upgrade. Win95 has its own built in software. To take advantage of this, just double click on the Internet icon (globe with the magnifying glass). Run through the setup wizard. If in doubt about some of the information, please contact TransData and we can provide all the information necessary.

No Dial Tone Detected
The computer cannot detect a dial-tone on the phone line. Make sure the phone cord is plugged in to the wall and the modem. Ensure that the cord is plugged into the 'line' port on the modem, not the 'phone' port. If the problem persists, the phone line is the likely culprit.

System cannot connect.
Create a new Dial-up account. Go to 'Start-Programs-Accessories-Communication-Internet Connection Wizard'. Select 'I want to setup manually (option 3). Check the modem and phone line to make certain they are connected properly. Enter the appropriate information as requested by the wizard. Once the wizard is done, it will create the account.
Go to 'Start-Programs-Accessories- Communications-Dial up Networking. (Windows 95 will not have the Communications subset). Double click on 'Make new connection'. Give the connection a name (suggested Transdata2). Click Next. Enter Phone Number 727-0700. (Area code not required) Click Next. Click on Finish. This will return you to the Dial up Networking window. Right mouse click on the 'Transdata2' icon. (or whatever the name you called the connection) Click on 'Make Shortcut'. Click OK to put the connection on the desktop. Close the Dial up Networking window. Double click on the shortcut just created. Enter the username and password. Click on the 'Save Password' box beneath the password field. Have the client hang up the phone with you, and then click connect. (Unless they have a dedicated line for Internet)

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